Wholesale Services

Two Degrees is your outsourced access to business professionals who can provide the right planning and execution for business development and product distribution. The role of a product wholesaler (account manager) is to consistently be face to face with private market participants across Canada. Two Degrees is an issuers frontline resource in:

  • Providing research, education and support;
  • Market stimulation through our targeted database;
  • Providing access to multiple dealers (EMDs) and registrants (EMDRs); and gathering market feedback on best practices to develop and execute with better tools and strategies.
If you are a Registered Investment Dealer or a Registered Dealing Representative and would like to request issuer materials, book an event, request KYP training, or request sales coaching, please contact clientcare@twodegrees.ca

Please Note: If you do not have an investment registration or are seeking investment advice please contact your local securities regulator. https://www.securities-administrators.ca

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